• Tips for Buying Waterproof Walking Shoes

    If you like to walk to different places, you very well know that there a lot of issues that you may face. Therefore, you always need to be prepared for the future. Getting a pair of shoe that does not only give you the design you desire but also extra protection would be a good thing. However, you would need to consider a lot of tips when acquiring such a shoe. This would help you to get the exact kind of shoe that you desire for your everyday activities.


    One of the factors to consider is the nature of the terrain you are likely to encounter. If you are not very sure about the kind of terrain you are likely to encounter, you should buy the kind of shoes that are a bit rougher and or for wetter weather than expected. This is where the waterproof walking shoes come in. they can very much help you in unexpected situations. Moreover, you may be aware that you are walking in a place that needs shoes with more traction and hence creating the necessity if having such shoes. The best kind of such shoes that you can go for is the waterproof walking shoes.


    The other factor that you should consider is the durability of your walking shoes. Some people are more interested in the kind of shoes that tend to be more durable than the others. Therefore going for a more reputable brand seems to be okay than going for the usual kind of shoes. Despite the fact that such kind of shoes is bound to cost more, they are the best option. In this kind of a scenario, the shoes with such kind of qualities are the waterproof walking shoes. They are carefully designed in order to ensure that their durability is exceptional. The material making them is tough enough to last for a very long time and at the same time providing the kind of services that are expected.

    Nature of the Shoe Parts

    The nature of the soles, stitching, heel caps, toe caps and the rubber rands are the other kind of factors that you should consider. Waterproof shoes are unlike any other kind of shoes since they are uniquely created to provide the nature of service required. This means that their soles are robust, they have good stitching, their heel and toe caps are good and that between the upper side of the shoe and the sole, there is a rubber rand. All these make the shoe durable and one of the best in the market.

    Lacing System

    You should also consider the nature of the lacing system for the waterproof walking shoe. The kind of waterproof walking shoe that is well adjustable and secure with lockable eyelets is the best. It makes it easy for the water not to get into the shoe hence soaking its inner side and the feet in general. If you need a waterproof walking shoe, the shoe with such kind of qualities is the best.

    Thumb Width Gap

    The existence of a gap between your toes and the end of the shoe is an additional factor that you should consider when purchasing a waterproof walking shoe. This is referred to as the thumb width gap. You will realize that the kind of shoes that tend to bang on your toes as you walk is not the best. Shoes should be fitting but they should not be so fitting that they hurt your fingers. Otherwise, they become very uncomfortable especially when walking downhill. You should go for the type of waterproof walking shoes that do not hurt your feet by whatever means possible. Regardless, they should be fitting enough to keep you comfortable and help you walk to the places you need. You should keep on trying the shoes until you get the one that perfectly fits your feet without and you can walk around with it without any discomfort.


    When you know that you have to walk and yet you are not aware of the kind of weather and terrain you will find in your destination, it is not worth gambling with your health. Planning for a journey should, therefore, involve the kind of shies that keep you comfortable and protected all along. You should choose waterproof walking shoes that can enable to navigate in areas with water and rainfall. However, when choosing such kind of shoes, you should ensure that you consider numerous factors like the thumb width gap, the lacing system, nature of the terrain and the weather. Read all about waterproof shoes at: waterprooflab.com

  • Greenway 2020 10000M

    On Saturday, November 2nd, Detox/Retox LLC will welcome sponsors and participants at the 2013 Greenway 2020 10,000. Attendees will be welcome to run, walk or support their friends and family. The Greenway 2020 10k is a great opportunity to build awareness of your brand and be part of the community.

    The Greenway 2020 10,000M, is a point to point race starting at the LA Zoo, running along the beautiful and tranquil LA River bike path and finishing at Golden Road Brewery, a quickly rising iconic LA fixture itself. A huge finish line event, with live music, beer tastings, specialty food, and games will create an experience like no other race for the participants, their friends and family.

    The race named after the Greenway 2020 project created by the LA River Revitalization Corporation. The race’s overall goal is to raise money and awareness about the outstanding people working together at the The LA River Corp. Their objective is to create healthy, vibrant communities with greater open space, enhanced green infrastructure, and better recreational facilities. LARRC is a non-profit venture charged with catalyzing responsible real estate and related economic development along the LA River. LARRC’s mission is to transform the LA River to improve people’s lives by carrying out sustainable land use projects, advocacy for river friendly policy, and programs for community benefit.

    LARRC is working to create a continuous 51-mile greenway corridor that will run along a restored LA River and to build breezeways crossing the river at vital points of interest. The goal is to have this done by 2020. Think of it as a linear Central Park—a grand public space that will redefine how we move through Los Angeles. The LA River can connect people throughout Los Angeles, restore natural habitat in some of the most park-poor communities in the country, and leave an open space legacy for generations to come. Together we can enhance the quality of life in a city hungry for green space and strengthen communities by restoring the LA River to a vibrant green corridor that people from throughout the country will want to visit and enjoy.

  • We are all about running

    We’re out there running every day, morning and night.  Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to stay in touch.

    Chances to run with us:

    • USATF Certified Coaching for Run Specific Training or Workshops
    • Free local runs and workouts
    • Run + Yoga at LA Breweries
    • USATF Certified Races
    • Training with our Partner Fleet Feet Sports

    Hire Us

    If you’re a non-profit or business and would like to learn how easy it is to set a path to host your own run for years to come, write us .

    We will help you every step of the way and we guarantee your event will be polished and professional.  Your runners are going to train hard and expect the very best on race-day.  Our experienced staff will ensure you don’t miss beat.

    Comprehensive Planning

    • Course Design
    • Logistics
    • Traffic Control
    • LA Traffic, Fire and Police
    • Permits
    • Safety and Procedure
    • Registration
    • Participant & Volunteer Coordination
    • Swag, Medals, and Awards
    • Sponsorship
    • Web & Graphic Design
    • Race-Day Production
    • Transparent Accounting
  • Sponsorship & Partnering

    Help motivate participants to be and perform at their best.   We will introduce your brand to thousands of uniquely interested participants and help you get more than just noticed.   Allow us to market your brand on merchandise, social media, website graphics, printed collateral, electronic media mentions, and be there every step of the way including the finish line.

    We will create a package that’s right for your brand and have rates starting as low as $150.

    Other Sample Rates:
    Finish Line Banner $400
    Step & Repeat $575
    Mile Markers $275
    Tee-Shirt Logo $200 per 125 ct
    Website/ Digital $150 & up
    Trophy Pint Glass $750 per 350 ct
    Bib Exclusive $450 per 500 ct
    Beer Garden $250
    Food Truck $250
    Swag Bag $150
    Title Sponsor Inquire

    ROI always includes multiple entries for your own team and finish line table and tent